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Claysville, PA 15323
Phone: 724.948.2311
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The Mel Blount Youth Home Mission
The mission of the Mel Blount Youth Home is to help youth develop mentally, physically and morally while teaching them to become productive citizens in society. To provide youth with programs where they will have a healthy environment to learn, work, play and develop a sense of responsibility, love and respect for one another. The values we will strive to instill are those that are basic in life: responsibility, knowledge and respect for oneself.

About The Mel Blount Youth Home
The Mel Blount Youth Home, situated on 300 acres of land located in Washington County, is surrounded by beautiful woods and fields. We have an outdoor equestrian center, walking trails, basketball courts, a football field, fishing ponds, three residence buildings, an administrative facility, several barns, and support infrastructure. From 1988 through 2013, we were resident-based multi-service treatment program for young males who were victims of child abuse and neglect. During that time, over 1,200 residents typically stayed 2-4 months participating in a wide variety of activities, individual therapeutic techniques (play therapy, music therapy, reality therapy, anger management), on-site work programs, and McGuffey District Schools. In 2014, while keeping with our mission, in order expand opportunities, the focus evolved to offering a wide variety of specialized programs and events throughout the year. Each is carefully planned and staffed to provide attendees with opportunities to help become productive citizens in society. Each year, nearly 1,000 young men and women will participate in our programs and events.

"... the vision I have here is kids enjoying their childhood and learning about Christ, becoming educated and really building a foundation to become great leaders for tomorrow."

~Mel Blount

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19th Annual All-Star Celebrity Roast
Honoring Joey Porter and Featuring Master of Ceremonies Jerome Bettis

April 7, 2017

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